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Day of Arafah Iftar at ISOC on Monday, July 19

Eid Prayer at ISOC on Tuesday, July 20

Eid Carnival at ISOC on Friday, July 23

  • All events will be held at the ISOC Campus.
  • Due to the Delta Variant, masks will be strictly enforced.  We also urge non vaccinated, elderly, and those with risk factors to exercise caution.
  • Both Eid Prayers will be streamed online.
  • No registration required for Eid Prayer.
  • Hugging/Handshakes are strongly discouraged, except between family members.

  • At the Eid Festival, capacity limits and distancing will be enforced on all attractions.
  • Due to limited parking
    • Come early
    • Carpool
    • Consider ride sharing (Uber / Lyft)
    • Drop off zone on Kerry St. (next to security gate)

    • If parking lot is full, drop off family members and find parking on the street.

    • Street Sweeping in the area begins around 10:30am. Remove any cars parked on streets, prior to that time.

  • Follow the instructions of staff, security guards and volunteers
  • For latest information, visit or download the ISOC App.

7:00am Eid Prayer


Tuesday, July 20th

Khutbah by Sh. Shahid Ali



9:00am Eid Prayer


Tuesday, July 20th

Khutbah by Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi





Eid Festival


Friday, July 23

5pm to 11pm





Eid Prayer Instructions

(Note: This video was recorded in Ramadan 2020, so there are some references to dates and events from 2020)